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Every court SCCF builds is made to fit your tastes and your needs. A very important investment and unique project that we work to make the best of...

Your court's price is made up of a set of different variables:

1. The size of your court

2. The flooring system you choose

3. The base on which the court will be (existent or not,

needs to be leveled or not, concrete or SportBase, etc...)

4. The accessories you want on it and the customization


What you pay for

While the cost of your court may vary depending on what you need, that same cost also cover a set of things over builders and suppliers cannot guarantee.

Quality & Safety

Quality products and quality installation. Do not take our word for it, you can check for yourself. See our past clients' testimonials here, you can also check our Houzz page or learn more about Sport Court.

Sport Court has over 45 years of experience in the sport flooring market and benefits from national and international recognition for building high-quality courts that offer the best safety you can get.



Response. Sport Court surfaces are engineered for safety but also to make sure your court will last. A clear advantage of tiles over other surfaces is that it will not experience the very common cracks that you get on most courts. Our tiles will preserve their color and smoothness across time. No need to resurface it every three years which will save you time and money. Also, our Sport Court surfaces but also our turf comes with their own warranty, more about it on next point..


Court built by SCCF/Sport Court Central Florida in 2015, photo taken in 2020, 5 years later.


Sport Court SportGame PB:  15-year limited warranty

Sport Court PowerGame+:    15-year limited warranty

Sport Court PowerGame:       Commercial 15-year limited

                                                   Residential 20-year limited warranty

Sports Turf XP250:                    8-year warranty


Many court builders skip this important part of the process for obvious reasons: who likes paperwork? SCCF takes construction seriously and take care of all the building permit paperwork. While some jobs will not require one, it is a possibility and could put home owners in a tricky situation if not done.


Most projects are broken down in 4 payments:
1 - Down Payment
2 - Upon Completion of Subbase
3 - Upon Arrival of Components
4 - Upon Completion of Installation
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