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Every court SCCF builds is made to fit your tastes and your needs, making it a unique project. It is a very important investment, here is its breakdown

Your court's price is made up of a set of different variables:

1. The size of your court

2. The flooring system you choose

3. The accessories you want on it and the customization


Why Maple Select?

Maple Select delivers the same look, squeak of the shoe and consistent ball bounce as a hardwood. This durable, easy-to-clean, and low-maintenance surfaces saves you money in the long run. Everyday, you’ll walk into your facility to see a court that looks like brand new gym flooring, no matter how long you’ve owned it!


Compatible with Response HG™

Response HG is championship tested and provides superior performance, traction, and shock absorption suitable for nearly any sport at any level to create the perfec gym flooring experience. Low life-cycle costs save you money and your court can be installed in as few as three days.

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