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Best performance, low maintenance

Great investment


A Synthetic Greens (subsidiary company of SCCF) solution.

Enjoy the feel and look of fresh-cut grass without having to mow, water, level it every now and then. Our synthetic turf requires very little maintenance and offers you a greater amount of playtime. Also, its smoothness makes it a safer play surface for athletes and athletes-to-be.


SCCF has built outdoor but also covered soccer fields for homes and full-size, athletic soccer fields for facilities such as the R9 Ronaldo Academy.

Get the best look and performance for your community.

Synthetic Advantage

SCCF strives to provide you with high-quality materials that are specially made for sports, thus ensuring you are making the most of your investment. Our choice of synthetic turf over natural grass:

  • Increases available time of use

  • Improves performance & safety

  • Allows more time for practice

  • High-performance quality

  • Always ready to use

  • Helps create multipurpose facilities

  • Perfect for training

  • Consistent performance over time and use



  • Primary yarn polymer: Polyethylene

  • Yarn cross section: Polyethylene slit film

  • Standard colors: Field/Lime

  • Additional colors: See below

  • UV stabilized: Yes

  • Fabric construction: Tufted

  • Primary backing: Dual Layered Woven Polypropylene

  • Coating types: SilverBack Polyurethane

  • Perforations: Yes

  • Pile height: 2 lbs. Silica sand; 3 lbs. SBR rubber

  • Total weight: 67 oz.

  • ISO 9001 quality assured: Yes

  • Roll width: 15 Ft

  • Yarn shape: Slit-film

Color customization

Standard line and field colors (custom colors available upon request)

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