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Enjoy soccer on tiles or on grass.


Soccer Fields

A Synthetic Greens (subsidiary company of SCCF) solution.

Enjoy the feel and look of fresh cut grass without having to mow, water, level it every now and then. Our synthetic turf requires very little maintenance and offers you a greater amount of play time. Also, it's smoothness makes it a safer play surface for athletes and athletes-to-be.


SCCF has built backyard soccer fields for homes and full-size, athletic soccer fields for facilities such as the R9 Academy. Make champions.


Worried about the space you need?

Wonder how much space you need for a soccer field?
Our designers will draw plans that can work for the space you have, giving you the opportunity to customize your court or your field as much as possible.


SCCF, Sport Court's only builder for Central Florida & Tampa Bay, will work with you to create a custom futsal court with a color design that fits your experience: official team, corporate or school colors.  From inspiration to installation, they'll work with you every step of the way.


Sport Court has built backyard futsal courts for homes and outdoor futsal courts for communities around the world.

Create the perfect soccer or futsal court for an indoor venue or backyard futsal court with Sport Court's modular athletic surfacing. The experts at Sport Court provide you with a futsal court that is designed to protect athletes, assist in player development and provide a fast and flat futsal surface for every play in your game.

SCCF/Sport Court Central Florida & Tampa Bay make environmentally friendly, custom volleyball court installations effortless.

Indoor & Outdoor Futsal

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